Frequently Asked Questions

I have some hair around my areola, can it be treated?

Yes, definitely. Many people have a few stray hairs around the areola. If a client has been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance then it could range from a few hairs to a substantial amount of hair on the breast area as well as in the middle of the breast.

I am a trans woman who has been on hormones for about a year, my breast hair has thinned out but Iím still not happy with the amount of hair I still have.  What are my best options?

Have your electrologists / laser technician do an assessment on the coarseness of the hair, if your hair is not too fine then you could try laser hair removal. Otherwise, your best option is electrolysis.

I am a cisgender female who has been diagnosed with PCOS and have to shave my face and neck area daily, should I opt for  electrolysis or laser?

Hormonal hair growth, especially on the face, is not limited to just PCOS but also adrenal problems, thyroid disorders. Your endocrinologist may prescribe medication to help control the hair growth, however it will not eliminate the growth that has already developed. In these cases, electrolysis is recommended.

I am a trans man considering hair removal prior to surgery what do you suggest?

Our experience has been that there are fewer complications and better outcomes if hair removal is planned well in advance of surgery. First check with your surgeon to accurately identify the location to be cleared. After that, we will assess the area to be treated and discusses a treatment plan with you. We strongly recommend giving yourself a least a year (if not longer) before your surgery date. That way we can be sure the area is completely hair free.

I am a pre-op trans woman who needs hair removal prior to sex reassignment surgery. What is the best process to follow?

It is best to have a discussion with your surgeon to establish if they require you to have permanent hair removal in the genital area before surgery. If your surgeon requires you to have electrolysis done before SRS then it is best to get a diagram of the areas to be cleared . The area should be completed 6 months before your surgery date to ensure all regrowth is eliminated.

Can I have electrolysis if Iím pregnant?

Yes. Generally, the thermolysis method of electrolysis is not contra-indicated. However the blend method must not be used.

I am a trans man requiring some hair removal post-surgery, can you help? 

Yes. Although we recommend hair removal prior to surgery, we recognize that this is not always possible. In order to proceed with hair removal after surgery, we need approval from your surgeon. In these cases, we do not recommend laser treatment - Blend electrolysis is the better option.

Why do I need to be regular with my appointments, canít I set my own schedule?

It is important to follow your  electrologist's advice on treatment scheduling in order to achieve the results you want. The hairs must be treated while in the anagen stage of growth. Proper scheduling is necessary to make sure this happens.


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