From the very get-go, it was clear that Alison knew what she was doing. Warm, intelligent and well-informed... she was half way through the initial consultation when I said, "I've heard enough, let's get started." Since then, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive - True, electrolysis can be "uncomfortable" at times... But I've always felt better about myself at the end of every session. Over the long term, there's no doubt that this is one of the best decisions I've ever made (when it comes to taking care of myself) - Like many people, I put this off for a long time - I had a bunch of "reasons", but the truth is that I didn't realize that this would be an investment in myself. When and if you're ready... AS Electrolysis is highly recommended (5 Stars)


As someone with delicate and sensitive skin that has been left scarred and marked by other electrologists and treatments, combined with fair colored, but very stubborn hair, I was unsure who to trust. 

I found Alison at AS Electrolysis, who from the start devised a regimen to rid me of my stubborn hair. After working with Alison for approximately 4 years, I have had electrolysis, waxing and even laser work done. Finally, after years of frustration and self-consciousness, I am at a stage where I only require infrequent maintenance sessions. 

I have been so pleased with my results with AS Electrolysis.


Trans people often worry about if they are going to be treated with respect and dignity, especially when it comes to accessing health care.
A good friend of mine told me about her experience with Alison, who owns and operates AS Electrolysis and Laser Clinic scribed, Alison was very sensitive to my trans identity and did not ask questions related to surgeries or genitalia.

What I like professionally about Alison is how she makes me feel comfortable and safe exposing sensitive areas of my body during hair removal sessions. 


Alison not only provides a very clean and professional environment, she also delivers fantastic results! Having had both electrolysis and laser treatments, I cannot express how happy I am with the final outcome; Alison under-promised and over-delivered! 

I would recommend AS Electrolysis (and have on many occasions) to anyone who asks. 


Sourcing a service related to being Transgendered is often challenging, but upon meeting Alison, I quickly realized I was being cared for by someone who not only is comfortable, experienced and empathetic, but genuinely wishes to support me as a person to reach my goals.

It has been my experience that sourcing effective Laser and Electrolysis services can be a costly trial and error process. After trying several services over a number of years, I quickly discovered that I had found a person who cared; who I could be open with about my concerns and who truly welcomes trans-people because she fully appreciates the difference she can make in a trans-persons journey.

In closing, the many hours spent in achieving full hair removal would be arduous indeed if it wasn't for the open, friendly companionship that is part of the rewards of partnering with Alison in my journey.

With great appreciation,


Alison treatments are tailored to the individual and she has always made me feel that I am her most important client. She has always shown me to be someone who cares and is always sensitive to my needs and to my well-being. 

For most trans women, itís often a long and demanding process. Having Alison to help me along the way towards achieving my goals has been a blessing. For that, I would recommend her services to anyone. You wonít be disappointed. 


After years of tweezing I finally tried Electrolysis. AS Electrolysis saved my life. My dark patch of chin hair is gone, I know longer spend every morning with the mirror and tweezers.

Thank you, 


I've gone to Alison for all of surgical hair removal requirements and she has been outstanding. She's always warm and positive, I cannot recommend her enough. 

I've referred several people to her already and they all agree, whether it's laser or electro, she does great work. Her work and her prices are amazing. Thank you so much!


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